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Entry #2

Err..still here?

2014-11-30 14:09:40 by JaneyKara


I'm still here, and I just want to clear this up:

I don't really use this account. At all.

I know Newgrounds isn't all about animation and whatnot, but I still think it's what the whole site is dedicated to, and that's why I don't use it anymore. I can NOT animate. Flash is my worst enemy, Anime Studio is a pain, and I just don't have the time to practice anymore due to school and life.


If I can find a good subsitute program for animation that's easy to use and is actually tablet-friendly, maybe I'll try to be more active on here. But until then, if you want more activity from me, just check out my deviantART, Tumblr, and YouTube:


Other than that, I'm pretty much inactive on this site. I get online sometimes, but still, inactive.

See you guys.


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2014-11-30 14:34:26

Don't give up on animating! I know Flash isn't easy. I barely use it myself, but it's worth the time you spend on it! It's all about the result you get! ^^

(Updated ) JaneyKara responds:

It's not a matter of "FLASH IS HARD BAAAAAAWWWW". It's more of....I just can't handle it.

Flash doesn't support tablets, and makes my drawings look incredibly sloppy and I just can't stand the program.


2014-11-30 15:05:35

It does support tablets, just not pressure level (if I'm not wrong)... Not really sure, since I draw in photoshop and use em afterwards in flash etc...

JaneyKara responds:

Photoshop to Flash? o.o


2014-11-30 19:01:53

It's a bad method... I wouldn't recommend it. But it's the only way I know XD (the flash files become way too big...)